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The safety of tower type crane is used reach hidden trouble to eliminate
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The safety of tower type crane is used
(The installation of crane of 1) tower type should choose the major that has eligible aptitude to install a team, press technical requirement and specialized standard construction, examine via safety throw again after sectional certificate of proof use.
(2) builds rigid safe operating rules and equipment to maintain system, driver and safeguard full-time of staff person specially assigned for a task or job, after professional technology grooms, the course holds card mount guard, stop operation of violate the rules and regulations and conduct of violate the rules and regulations.
(The choice of 3) crane should be mixed according to season of the weather condition of this locality, construction the type that working level will come to choose to differ.
(4) installs anemoscope in the crane arm upper part of tower type crane, exceed 20m / S when wind speed, should suspend operation. Exercise spot should illume is enough, the line of sight is good, spot lighting power source should be set with cent of crane power supply source, use illumination luminaries of blame safety voltage and power supply cord to should be kept apart with predestined relationship of crane leave no room for manoeuvre.
(When still needing to continue to lift on the free height foundation that crane of 5) tower type designs, should add set anchorage device, decrease appropriately carry use. The spot should set ground total mains switch, install protector of leakage of electricity. When the area with large wave motion of voltage of electrified wire netting is used, should add outfit owe press and press protection too, because owe,eliminate pressure those who bring about is electronic-controlled the orgnaization campaign that be out of order and creates is disorder, make sure each safe unit motion is effective and reliable.
(6) is forbidden the catchphrase card that in tower type crane bedding face of hang up of the flank that wear body accumulates, carry in order to reduce wind. Of the machine deserve to press a technology to ask to install with ballast again, join is fixed and reliable.

Anyhow, the hidden trouble element of tower type crane is very much, only those who strengthen equipment is safeguard with maintain, carry out relevant standard and safe operating rules strictly, stop direct of violate the rules and regulations and work of violate the rules and regulations, ability falls accident hidden trouble lowest, prevent the happening of the accident.

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