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Dynamoelectric truss bridge hangs curvilinear rack orbit hang crane
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Dynamoelectric truss bridge hangs curvilinear rack orbit hang crane
Application date: 3129526.6
Application day: 2003.06.26
Make public (announcement) day: 2003.12.24
Application (patent) person: Traffic of Shanghai magnetism in suspension expands limited company
Invent (design) person: Pan Jialiu of; of Chen Reyan of; of Qian Chengxiang of; of Liu Wujun of Wu Xiangming;

1, orbit of rack of a kind of curve is dynamoelectric crane of suspension of truss fine grain, the curvilinear rack course that its feature crooked includes crane of suspension of dynamoelectric truss fine grain and two parallel at it two parts:
What narrate curvilinear rack orbit to by the curve slideway and curvilinear rack pass bolt connection and be become, full-length limits sets this curve slideway an oriented chamfer;
Crane of narrates suspension of dynamoelectric truss fine grain is the hoisting system that installs in one truss fine grain, walk system and framework of 3 hook balance become.
Narrates hoisting system by rope of bracket of group of the electric machinery that brings retarding brake, positive drive, electric machinery, double chamfer rope of perpendicular and canister, wire rope, oriented pulley, couplet implement with the level double chamfer directs pulley block is become, its position relation is: Land of level of support of this electric machinery solders secure the interior in one aspect of the matter of truss fine grain. Electric machinery vertical stroke is to installation on electric machinery bracket, this electric machinery gives axial classics decelerate of positive drive group, axis of this gear low speed makes up canister of rope of a pair of chamfer, wire rope is circled on canister of this double chamfer rope, classics level double chamfer joins after oriented pulley Yu Liansheng implement one aspect of the matter, this couplet rope implement harmonious of other one aspect of the matter has 3 wire rope, contain each after the oriented pulley via a perpendicular installation respectively a hook; What narrate walk system by group of gear of bracket of the electric machinery that brings retarding brake, channel, drive, bearing of transmission shaft, sleeve, walk gear and directive wheel composition, its position relation is: Channel bracket solders fixed half go up in center of interior of truss fine grain. Group of gear of drive of electric machinery classics drives transmission shaft to rotate, the two end that transmission shaft reachs sleeve bearing contain each walk gear and directive wheel, crane directs inside the oriented flooey of curvilinear slideway through directive wheel, walk gear walks with curvilinear rack clench the teeth: Narrates 3 hook are worn evenly by the balance fine grain, hanger and dynamical course hook are comprised, this balance fine grain is made by steel tube, the position of the perpendicular and oriented block that its upper part sets 3 hanger and hoisting system is relative should, dynamical course hook holds the lower part that hanger approachs with two end in the center of in this balance fine grain 3 sets respectively in all.
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