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Have research of breakdown of leak of system of heavy crane hydraulic pressure
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Have research of breakdown of leak of system of heavy crane hydraulic pressure
Leak of hydraulic pressure system is a common breakdown that carries mechanical in use again, hydraulic pressure system produces leak, answer to search an account in time, take effective measures. The much component that hydraulic pressure system is an organic connection is complex whole, breakdown phenomenon and breakdown reason are not one to one correspondence, appear omnibus the characteristic with systematization, the matter is complex, make accurate judgement very hard commonly, especially inside the trouble that leak causes, inducement is much, the component of drag in is much, fault rate is higher. Whether the work efficiency that early debugging affects facility directly. For this, have analysis and research to leak breakdown and its influencing factor, proper management and system of use hydraulic pressure are used mechanically to maintaining normally, reduce mechanical failure, lengthen mechanical life to have main effect.

1 leak reachs his to endanger
The hydraulic pressure oil in hydraulic pressure system is in hydraulic pressure component (include pipeline) the flow inside look antrum or of short duration are put, hydraulic pressure oil of the loop should flow inside look antrum of the regulation. However, wait for a reason as a result of pressure, clearance, can a few hydraulic pressure oil cross the border that hold tune to pour out of. Liquid " cross the border is poured out of " the phenomenon calls leak. The liquid bulk of the leakage inside unit time calls leak flow, abbreviation leakage rate. Leak of leak one's duty and outside leak two kinds. Leak shows interior of hydraulic pressure component has a few liquids to arrive from high-pressured antrum leak inside low-pressure antrum; Leak points to outside a few liquids arrive from leak of interior of hydraulic pressure component hydraulic pressure component is exterior. The existence of leak reachs the job that has heavy carriage machine to cause a harm to hydraulic pressure system, if make attune of pressure of hydraulic pressure system not tall, working ability is reduced; The athletic rate of actuator is not stable... ; Work efficiency of hydraulic pressure system is reduced, oily fluid temperature is elevatory, create the waste of oily fluid and other material, cause hydraulic pressure system likely whole even mechanism controls malfunction; Still can pollute an environment. Cause fire even.

2 outside leak is main place and reason
(The leak of 1) housing housing basically happens on cast or weldment, it is by what when cast or soldering, arise blemish is in the pressure of hydraulic pressure system pulsatile or pound oscillatory action to issue those who cause to expand gradually.
(Of the attaint of weather strip of 2) weather strip or sealed action reduce, cause leak of hydraulic pressure oily fluid. Weather strip causes the main reason of leak to have: The material of weather strip or structural type and use condition not agree with; Weather strip invalidation; Weather strip reduces an amount insufficient; Weather strip ageing, injury; The geometrical dimension of weather strip is unqualified; Treatment quality is inferior, be not normal and eligible product; Grade of the hardness of weather strip, compression, change is led and the index such as intensity limits does not accord with a requirement; Weather strip life expires to change not in time; Weather strip is installed undeserved or gaskets ageing.
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