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Crane of much condole drop is electric book of requirement of control method rig
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Crane of much condole drop is electric control a method
Application date: 200710011935.X
Make public (announcement) day: 2008.03.12
Application (patent) person: Inc. of Dalian China acute
Invent (design) person: Yuan of; of Bai Yongxin of Chen Chengji; is new

Crane of much condole drop is electric book of requirement of control method right
1, crane of drop of a kind of many condole is electric control a method, its feature includes following measure in the method that narrates at place:
Mode of A, preparation, below this mode make choice of participates in working hoisting mechanism, detect system of tall low-pressure distribution, advocate drive system, after controlling the without reason block such as the system, going up a machine input be aed string of 1 of content beforehand appraise weight, this weight serves as hover the referenced weight of mode;
B, wire rope beforehand Zhang Jin mode, right now each remove litre of electric machinery to use torsion control, the sum multiplies the weight of the hook troop that each condole orders and mechanical accessory gross weight and wire rope to regard inverter torsion as set-point with correlation coefficient, the electric machinery that the work shares after moves together, with given torsion low speed moves, should detect electric machinery rotate speed is 0 and after the numerical value that weighs heavy sensor achieves torsion set to be worth, beforehand Zhang Jin ends, electric machinery is in maintain when giving moment of force, mechanical brake apply the brake, the electric machinery that needs all participation to work ends beforehand after Zhang Jin, the coordinate of hoisting mechanism height that shares the work each right now is remembered namely, as hover mode moves at ordinary times coordinate is planar:
C, hover mode, enter hover after mode, each remove litre of electric machinery to use speed control, be restricted by torsion of controller set electric machinery amplitude, this value is in stand-alone compose load lifting capacity, the orgnaization that start makes its rise, the electric machinery that shares the work moves together, load gradually trice, undertake the speed of inverter is given right now, give for wire rope linear velocity, among them the position is amended and target force is amended do not make can, after load mix is even, the end that orders each certainly is tensile, hind by the each orgnaization pulling force that says heavy sensor will participate in a condole the value passes controller, through controller program plan cipher out is aed string of 1 the centroid position of content, the cause that gives each condole point by controller computation next is tensile, when this cost is rising condole pattern jointly, use, the tone that finish is moderate after limits of target pulling force is certain, accessibility combination has condole pattern, right now the coordinate of each job orgnaization is worth and target pulling force is remembered by the system, use at having condole pattern jointly;
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