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15t makes rehabilitate of type crane girder smooth with a rake
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15t makes rehabilitate of type crane girder smooth with a rake
Head steel ST crosses the 2nd steelworks to make type crane smooth with a rake 3 times to be Belgium formerly contest orchid company was designed 1964, production product, its already ran 4o old. The girder metal structure of this crane is serious already exhausted
Fatigue, flinch below girder serious. In the meantime, its girder advocate celiac board and on alar predestined relationship board the T of connection welding line appears multistage crackle, the longest crackle amounts to 600n Ⅱ N. Because this puts forward girder of repair, consolidate to restore the arch on its to spend appropriately, make this crane can continue to use.
Parameter of 1 main technique
Lifting capacity: 15t
Course face elevation: 12rn
Load-lifting height: 6Rn
Span: 35.5rn
Car gauge: 5Rn
Trundle is apart from: 4.8m
Load-lifting speed: 16m / Min
Cart traversal speed: 78m / Min
Traversing speed: 41.88m / Min
This kinds of crane to slant course box bridge writtens guarantee compose, flinch below its girder serious, flinch below the value is the greatest amount to 35mm; Advocate celiac board and on alar predestined relationship board the T of connection welding line produces multistage and serious flaw, the longest crackle amounts to 600mrn. As a result of the limitation of spot execution condition, integrated consideration basically offers program of 2 kinds of repair after of all kinds element, these 2 kinds of plan are faced to undertake narrative respectively below, do to its plan compare appropriately, so that choose.

I of 2 repair program

If the graph is shown 1 times, this plan is right of girder next flinching do not undertake correctional, have repair to crackle of former T welding line only, add Ⅱ bridge in girder upside, "Ⅱ " model bridge presses what set in repair technology requirement to go up arch spends a worth, by beforehand arch spends the makings below the curve, solder with T profiled bar and become.

2.1 construction measure
(1) Ⅱ bridge spends value and the arch that decide by this value to spend a curve to make ahead of schedule by the in crossing arch of the requirement.
(The electric equipment that 2) removes girder to go up controls ark, car limit of electric conduction wearing, car, bumper, lubricant device. Stop crane at the area that construction books.
(3) moves the car to girder one aspect of the matter, solder construction pedestal, use the car the hand jin carry the 300mill since the top on the head and prop up firm.
(4) demolishs car orbit; Clear the paint of the cover board on girder, contamination (facilitate from the back solder construction) .
(5) is in advocate 1000 when the ministry uses upper part of park steel pillar in fine grain girder that prop up, adjust jack height appropriately, it is with because girder is self-prossessed,avoid and bringing about its in repair process the addition of leftover internal stress.
(6) has repair to crackle of girder T welding line; Add girder of Ⅱ Liang Zaiyuan newly aspirant travel installation and solder.
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