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Improve the measure of bridge crane of cold rolling factory
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Technology of production of factory of tape of cold rolling board is sophisticated and the breed of the product is much, make friends having sick at heart, defatted, anneal, level off, heavy roll pull correct, heavy roll, transversely, pack, galvanization and colour besmear many product line, first phase product has cold coil forcedly, cold rolling coils and cold rolling board, 2 period there still is galvanizing to coil with colour besmear after finishing, be in with respect to the intermediate products with many existence so the changeover between each aircrew. Preliminary estimation, every hot-rolling coils to want swing on average to work off of cold rolling finished product 20 for many times. Because connect machine of rolling mill, level, smooth whole mechanic to make roller and product line of all sorts of rubber roll change, grinding treatment is frequent, every roller from disassemble machine and answer outfit need swing about 20 times, 2 period the project is amounted to postpartum change roller to will exceed 40 everyday second. This shows and plant of timber of other make friends are compared, bridge crane of cold rolling factory is used should busy much.

The characteristic of bridge crane of 2 cold rolling
The bridge crane is the main swing equipment of cold rolling, not only requirement hoisting efficiency is tall, still ask hoisting is accurate. If retreating igneous workshop, every furnace steel coils to complete anneal process swing has the left and right sides 56 times related its, the annealing furnace that there will be more than 40 after production is normal is being used. Condole of this working procedure weighs a difference very big, the steel of the heaviest close 30t coils, the lightest hundreds of kilograms convection board, return those who have 14t to heat the cover, cooling cover that 5t controls and inside cover, this has solved frequent ground to change with respect to need special spreader and the question that raise hoisting efficiency.
The swing of anneal working procedure asks spreader counterpoint is very accurate, stow is tall, number is much. What and annealing furnace is used in great quantities explode combustibly, easily is gas and hydric, safe demand is very high. Additional, no matter the swing that steel coils is to lie to coil or stand roll, need to use special spreader, and coil inside Kong Xiao, spreader if cannot seasonable and accurate perch, affect manufacturing efficiency not only, return meeting injury belt to coil.
The characteristic of cold rolling workshop is to grow already wide and tall, 10 cross workshop length to be controlled in 200m, more than 10 cross workshop width to amount to 30m or above, 45m of the biggest span, orbit of bridge crane of galvanization product line is highest amount to 35m. Accordingly, the form a complete set that equipment weighs since swing is complete reach its applicability, appear very important to enhancing swing quality, efficiency and security.

The improvement of 3 bridge cranes
Although bridge crane cart, car is mixed now on hook used full frequency control generally, but still appear insufficient in the light of diverse use demand. For this, we adopted following improve measure:
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