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[Xiamen] gas cylinder is abrupt on fire employee escapes hurriedly
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18 days afternoon 16 when make, tongan Ou Xiangping is street on auspicious blessing market inside workshop of plant of one knife model, an acetylene gas cylinder is abrupt on fire. Conflagration reachs the wooden desk on the side quickly ignition of a few tools, receive the officers and soldiers of Tongan fire control that call the police to hurry to the spot in time, command igneous force quickly and removed danger condition.

According to the employee introduction that works inside the workshop at that time, use acetylene gas cylinder without the person at that time, also do not know how to return a responsibility, put in conduit of gas cylinder of workshop center acetylene to rupture suddenly burned rise, everybody is confused at that time, also the valve that nobody thinks of to close acetylene gas cylinder, run outside, hit subsequently 119 call the police.

The acetylene gas cylinder of on fire is located in inside first floor workshop, a piece of table inside already by ignition, the conduit of join acetylene gas cylinder ruptures place risking white-hot blaze, the electric fan on the ceiling also is baked so that be out of shape by high temperature, billow smother along the ceiling to risk outside the room.

Through inquiry and observation, firemen understands, there are 2 acetylenes gas cylinder and 2 oxygens gas cylinder inside the workshop, among them the gas inside an acetylene gas cylinder and oxygen gas cylinder has been given out. Igneous power is greater and greater, ablaze acetylene gas cylinder still is in bearing of high temperature roast. Explode to avoid gas cylinder, remove danger condition in time, fire control officers and soldiers gives water cut out an engine instantly, removed danger condition.

Current, fire cause is in investigation. Origin: The window of Fujian

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