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50 kilograms of liquid gas canister explode in the street send 10 people burn
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The reporter comes to division of burn of hospital of people of the Gansu Province subsequently, cure protects personnel to having treatment for the personnel of all burn. Cure protects personnel to tell a reporter, this explosion of liquid gas canister causes 10 people to get hurt in all, among them 2 people are spent again burn, 2 people are spent to spend burn gently in burn, 6 people. Burn is most serious is mini-truck driver and old lady of 83 years old, area of burn of two people whole body is respectively 30% with 30% above. The reporter understands subsequently, mini-truck driver is the working personnel that liquid gas of Lanzhou city civil administration supplies a station, afternoon 2 when make set out from level ground of 7 Home Li Heyan, carrying the liquid gas canister that fills air to give a client deliver goods. When explosive happening, his wife also is on small freight car, by intense burn is spent in blaze.

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