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50 kilograms of liquid gas canister explode in the street send 10 people burn
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After explosive happening, on small freight car one male one female opened door to jump out instantly cab, they are risking flame all over, cry in fear is worn run to flapping at the same time at the same time the fire that goes up personally. Explosion produces the moment, on the blue minibus of a pass by, the driver of flame the upper part of the body and 2 passengers also jump hurriedly the car flees for his life. Meanwhile, the driver on car of a Ni Sang also by blaze burn. Not only such, a few transient pedestrians also sufferred the assault of intense blaze, among them one sits in 83 years old of old ladies that roadside rests is more be burned not gently by intense blaze. The Qiu that a business spreads surnames a boss to tell a reporter, wear instantly on old at that time person on fire comes, resembling is ” of person of fire of a “ , qiu boss takes the flame on body of old person of beat of towel do all one can instantly, flame was put out very quickly, but the garment pants of the old person has been burned so that be stuck on the skin closely, the skin on hair and face is scorched. Face sudden explosion, a few passerby dial 120 ask for help in succession. After 56 minutes, fire control and personnel of 120 emergency treatment hurry to the spot to develop rescuing work in succession.

Explosion causes 10 people to get hurt

Sudden explosion causes street north and south the goods that two side put before the door head of 56 business shop and business shop is differred degree burn down. Staff of director of a fire control tells the spot the reporter, the altogether on mini-truck is carrying 450 kilogramsLoad liquid gas coal tub, 1025 kilogramsCoal tub mixes outfit liquid gas5 kilogramsLoad liquid gas coal tub, those who produce explosion is50 kilogramsliquid gas canister, the reason that to this liquid gas coal tub explodes suddenly still cannot decide temporarily, can wait to make farther identification about the expert only.

The reporter observes discovery carefully, explosive liquid gas has to grow about 449 centimeters breach on coal tub. 4 when make, lanzhou city installs the staff member of check bureau to hurry to the spot, launch investigation to the explosive reason of liquid gas canister at the same time, contact relevant section to will put all liquid gas canister on the driveway to carry refuge in time at the same time.
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