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50 kilograms of liquid gas canister explode in the street send 10 people burn
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  On September 4 afternoon 3 when 25 minutes, one is fully loaded with big, small the mini-truck of 15 liquid gas canister comes all right and politics road east when street crossing, among them50 kilogramsInstall coal tub of liquid gas steel to produce explosion suddenly. Explosion causes husband and wife of small truck driver and vehicular traffic driver and passerby 2 people are spent again burn, 2 people are spent to spend burn gently in burn, 6 people. After explosive happening, lanzhou city fire control, 120, public security, install the branch such as inspect to drive cure of the person that go to the spot to spread out and explosive investigation job instantly.

Liquid gas canister explodes in the street

That day afternoon 3 when 50 minutes, the reporter hears the news arrive and politics road east when street crossing, more than 20 firefighter of squadron of Dong Gang fire control is in the banging song of fire engine engine ” of brandish “ fire hose, to more than 10 volume that put among the driveway differ liquid gas canister drops in temperature. Because there still is thick liquefacient odour in air, to prevent to produce an accident again, lanzhou city is special alarm the more than 10 name spy of detachment alarm team member and railroad east the policeman of village police station pulled cordon in the spot, scattered surround view masses. In the meantime, business shop and restaurant extinguish all bright fire near the requirement. The reporter sees, the railroad car of the gray mini-truck that number of a plate is pleasant A·61007 among the driveway is fumed to bake black by fireworks.

Whole and street be enveloped by red

EyewitnessOldThe gentleman tells a reporter, that day afternoon 3 when 25 minutes, this gray mini-truck that carrying liquid gas tin by come all right eastwards on the west and politics road east when street crossing, the liquid gas canister on the car produced explosion suddenly. The voice that “ explodes at that time is very big, glow shines, whole and street resembling is to was enveloped to be in a ’ of tremendous, transparent gules ‘ balloon, a few transient women and child are frightened so that cry greatly on the spot! ” the one act that ground of one's heart still fluttering with fear of a few citizens that witness told about dreariness of explosive happening instant to the reporter.
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