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Explosion of workshop of chemical industry of Guangxi appropriate state is sent
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Trouble spot smother diffuses blaze is towering the picture all is filmed by Wei Xuecheng of reporter of river pool network

Trouble spot smother diffuses blaze is towering

The spot tightens emergency treatment hold

The spot tightens emergency treatment hold

Outward and urgent carry wounded person

Spot reporter is wearing guaze mask to film

Xinhua net Nanning on August 26 (reporter Wang Lifang) the workshop of Inc. of chemical industry of wide dimension of Guangxi of city of Guangxi appropriate state 26 days 6 when right-and-left happening explodes. Reporter of Xinhua News Agency is being driven toward word of electrify of accident scene road to interview understanding to arrive from spot rescuing headquarters, up to 11 when preliminary count of 50 minutes, already had 4 people death, 44 people are injured, 17 people are not contacted temporarily.

After explosive happening, controller of Party committee of river pool city, appropriate state city, government is driven instantly go to the spot to direct rescue, the personnel that organizes accident ground to nod 3 kilometers less than withdraws. The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region installs the sectional functionary such as inspect bureau, environmental protection bureau to also driving field of the discovery that attend an affair to direct rescuing work about leader and municipality.

Current, local government already organized explosive spot many 10 thousand around dweller withdraws. According to spot eyewitness report, billow of explosive workshop smother, igneous power is very great, personnel cannot is close to, personnel of fireman, professional technology is developing main rush to save life and property.

Inc. of wide dimension chemical industry has asset total value 3. 400 million yuan, year total output value 300 million yuan of above, give priority to course of study with producing product of management chemical industry, main product has ethylene of polyvinyl alcohol, calcium carbide, acetic acid.
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