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Wuhan family of employer of explosion of before dawn of boiler of mill of one st
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On October 2 before dawn, thing lake mill of one steamed bread produces village of solidarity of Ou Sanxiu road boiler explodes, although caused belongings loss, place favour gets hurt without personnel.

Dweller introduction, explosion happens in before dawn 3 when, the boiler that scamper flies to flies to 150 meters of railroad outside to protect column to go up, will protect column to be bungled. Dropping chimney falls in the neighbour home near mill, break a chicken dead.

1 day morning, the reporter sees in the spot, a few bags of flour stay only inside mill of this steamed bread, the appliance of evaporate steamed bread already was cleared to take away. One side wall has collapsed, on two Gao Shu of wall edge, hanging the maize article of batt shape, it is reported is the heat preservation filler in boiler.

As we have learned, mill boss is Henan person, after explosive happening, a 3 people clear away the appliance that good place uses to leave workshop, whereaboutldirection is unidentified.

Current, relevant section is undertaking investigating to this matter

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