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Taiwan one building elevator causes 2 people from straining of 21 buildings out
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According to “ central company ” reports, hospital of have as an attached institution of ” of university of medicine of Taiwan “ China establishs building of husband medical treatment today 5 when make produce elevator straining accident, “ China adds cure ” advocate secret Li Zhengchun expresses, 21 employee take the floor below elevator from 21 buildings when, elevator is abrupt out of control, all the way groggy drop downward, in underground 2 buildings halt finally, suffer tired employee to be rescued, in good health fortunately, only slight and plantar fracture still leaves two people in the hospital to treat.

Li Zhengchun points out, there is many stuff at that time in building of medical treatment establishing a husband the assembly room of 21 buildings attends a meeting, the conference ends, 21 employee take the floor below same department elevator, did not think of elevator is abrupt out of control, drop downward all the way, not bad among have a few degrees of stand, not be high speed drop downward.

Li Zhengchun says, the elevator of out of control is when 2 buildings of subterranean halt, classics rescue personnel levers elevator door to rescue get tired stuff, among them 15 people send toward emergency call room to check, just be scared fortunately, in good health mostly, only two employee still leave a courtyard to treat because of slight and plantar fracture. As to breakdown reason, ask professional appraisal further even

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