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Playing " to fly across natural barrier " to cast installation of fracture park
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Grow happy park: Parent custody does not reach the designated position

17 days afternoon 2 when make, human affairs of long happy park guards ministry minister Gan Hongming when accepting a reporter to interview, showed " the processing opinion that throws crural be related inside my garden about tourist Guo ×× " . He thinks, the establishment itself of the park does not have safe hidden trouble, incident is caused. The park is willing to assume in August 2008 jade-like stone jade-like stone charge of crural injury cure and later period demolish armor plate charge to add up to about 70 thousand yuan. If jade-like stone jade-like stone the parent does not agree method of this kind of processing, can solve through legal approach.

Pleasant minister expresses, physical ability Eden is by Liu Mou Xiang Changle park bear those who hire, and Liu Mou have not detects to what the park has produced equipment eligible proof, because “ flies across natural barrier ” to belong to fitness kind equipment, the country is not had to this mandatory check mark is accurate. He says, after its happening, tablet forest zone installs inspect bureau to ever had been investigated to long happy park, but still do not understand processing outcome at present, the park has not receive the processing opinion of the branch that bring watch.

Bring inspect section: Equipment fastens “ 3 without product ”

Afternoon 3 when make, tablet forest zone installs Liu Chunjie of inspect bureau deputy director general to say to the reporter, in investigating a process, the material such as specification of the certificate of approval that long happy park and Liu Mou of controller of physical ability Eden all fail to offer “ to fly across equipment of natural barrier ” , product, this equipment fastens “ 3 without ” product. Since collection entrance ticket, this equipment does not belong to equipment of commonweal sex fitness, should belong to equipment of management sex recreation. According to concerned law, liu Mou of controller of physical ability Eden and long happy park all have corresponding responsibility. By September, tablet forest zone installs inspect bureau to already reported processing to service grows happy park, instruct its to demolish “ to fly across the “ such as natural barrier ” instantly 3 without ” equipment.

But the reporter sees inside long happy park 17 days afternoon, “ flies across natural barrier ” to still was not demolished. To this, liu deputy director general expresses to will organize much branch to undertake enforcing demolishing to its recently.
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