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Playing " to fly across natural barrier " to cast installation of fracture park
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12 years old of girls come to park amuse oneself, throw fracture unfortunately when playing “ to fly across equipment of natural barrier ” . The branch that bring watch maintains this recreation equipment to be “ 3 without ” product, the bottom ever will instruct a park to demolish in September. Yesterday, when the girl's parent will grow happy park to talk things over again, discover however, the recreational equipment of ” of “ cause trouble is put in good conditionly still in the park.

Child parent: Park ought to in full charge

On August 2, 2008, middle school schoolgirl of 12 years old jade-like stone jade-like stone (alias) go to long happy park with family amuse oneself. Jade-like stone jade-like stone memory of maternal Ms. Qiu says, they spent 10 yuan of money at that time, bought “ of physical ability Eden to fly across the entrance ticket of natural barrier ” . The daughter falls from strop when amuse oneself, bring about fracture of broken sex of right ankle bone dust. Current, medical expenses already cost 50 thousand multivariate.

“ child becomes an operation many times even, the doctor says, at present her body still is in growth phase, leave sequela likely henceforth. To so little girl, blow is too big. ”QiuThe lady says, jade-like stone jade-like stone since falling oneself, produced huge psychological shadow, become little character few language. 17 days afternoon, the reporter mentions the case that day, the insecurity on her horse rises, a word does not say.

QiuThe lady thinks, “ flies across equipment of natural barrier ” to lack safety belt, safety to buckle wait for necessary preventive measure, put in safe hidden trouble, the park ought to assume full responsibility. Family looks for park management to just talk things over for many times early or late, cost of hospitalization expenses of claim for compensation, nutrition, accompany shield the charge such as cost more than yuan 250 thousand.

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