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Building of outpatient service of hospital of area of Hangzhou Yu Hang produces
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On October 25 morning 10 when, building of outpatient service of hospital of the first people produces more than Hangzhou district of Hangzhou city elevator falls accident. Elevator is taken to have 14 passengers when the accident, include 2 4 pregnant woman, children among them.

“ the sort of fear, mix really the Jing Song scene in the film is same, ” comes from Yu Hang street Xiaochen tells Ou Nayuan the reporter so. At the same time his rescue the life of a pregnant woman. Pregnant woman small king comes from Hangzhou Fan of 9 fort case, arrive together with the husband yesterday morning department of gynaecology and obstetrics of building of one hospital outpatient service makes Yu Hang division routine examination. Department of gynaecology and obstetrics is in 3 buildings, squeeze into 14 people in same elevator. Right now elevator value defends personnel to be absent hillock, elevator does not have caution of occurrence “ overweighted ” . Elevator goes up 2 buildings, the door is opened, the Xiaowang that approachs an entrance thought 3 buildings, step goes out. One discovery makes a mistake, consider car of wire back ladder immediately. At this moment, one act of Jing Song happened: Elevator lost drag in power suddenly, quickness drops downward. At that time, a foot just steps on Xiaowang into car, then one buttock sits on the ground outside elevator. When small Wang Shuang the leg is faced with by elevator orbit device the instant of deadly biff, her husband and that old surname youth sends force at the same time, turn her the floor area outside wire back ladder, a horrible disaster be able to escape by sheer luck. 13 people are counting the others in the second drop quickly to the ground. Elevator pounds the ground, give out “ to with a bang be become ” blare, everybody body was played rise, elevator coping drops between two plate instantly, break a few male youths with some taller stature directly, still include to be pregnant the pregnant woman of 8 months. When the accident, apropos the husband of this pregnant woman is absent the spot. And the Xiaowang that 2 buildings had been frightened so that be in a daze returns 1 building, call security personnel. Concerned personnel just is taking the key, opened elevator door.

Elevator happening falls the specific reason of the accident, in still be being investigated now.

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