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Elevator stops carry suddenly to send 13 people to be stranded 48 minutes
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On August 17 afternoon 3 when make, be located in the lucky peaceful constant near assorted word closes to reside an elevator inside the edifice on the west ” of abrupt “ strike, the citizen that takes 13 elevator be issued to lower levels is tired in crowded and fuggy elevator compartment of a hour long, meantime, the young woman of an intentional dirty medical history appears suddenly intense and unwell reaction, rescue hind is sent quickly toward orchid big 2 courtyards undertake cure, place favour cure did not appear in time serious consequence.

Reporter v/arc be on the throne will reside an edifice to interview at the lucky Tai Heng near assorted word closing on the west on August 17, mr Chen tells the person be stranded that is come out by rescue the reporter, his kin lives on large building of house of lucky peaceful constant, their group counts a close friend to reach this kin home that day be a guest, afternoon 3 when make, they take elevator to prepare to leave, elevator be issued to lower levels arrives among 78 buildings when, give out “ crash ” suddenly blare, stopped subsequently, alarmed in everybody keeps pressing elevator Control Panel to go up open the door key, but elevator door cannot be opened namely. Differ meeting, the fan of take a breath in elevator compartment stops suddenly turn, electric lamp also begins to twinkle rise, the people that be at a loss is more confused, for a short while a panic in elevator compartment.

The reporter in interviewing sees, shakily of a body that be mixed by the young woman that rescue comes out lies in the edifice on couch, her relative tells a reporter, altogether of compartment of the elevator when be being stranded has 13 people, the person in small elevator box and person are stuck together closely, original very crowded and fuggy, the ” of shutdown of “ of fan of take a breath of compartment of together with elevator, the temperature in elevator compartment rises quickly, this woman of original intentional dirty medical history trembled suddenly rise, lip hoar, breath is hurried, situation is urgent under somebody was dialed call the police phone. After “ calls the police, I am staring at watch closely, second hand ground is jumpy, but the time that I feel to every jump is particularly long, from 48 minutes when be arrived tiredly to walk out of elevator, my feeling had been like several hours! ” is interviewed in, a masses that is stranded tells a reporter.

The reporter in interviewing understands, receive after calling the police, substation of public security of the area just outside a city gate faced policeman of summerly district police station to hurry to the spot instantly, paralell connection fastened elevator maintenance technician, after maintenance technician hurries to the spot, will hang in 78 elevator compartment among to fall reach, 13 masses that are stranded are come out by rescue. In the process that covers in the reporter, che Wen dispatch drove 120 emergency treatment to the spot, appear the woman of unwell reaction is sent quickly toward orchid big 2 courtyards accept treatment, through seasonable cure very fast take a turn to be out of danger. Be in subsequently in interviewing, the reporter understands, the elevator inside large building of house of lucky peaceful constant appears this kind of problem already was not first time. When the reporter tries to interview lucky peaceful constant to reside mansion property personnel with respect to this matter, staff of this mansion property did not appear from beginning to end.
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